Position: Landscape Construction Superintendent
Supervisor Title: Landscape Construction Project Manager
Job Status: Full-Time

Job Summary

Align with AquaGreen Global’s mission and vision statement to provide exceptional commercial
landscape services by working with the landscape construction team members in an efficient

Administrative Duties

  • Confirm all company and project safety rules and regulations are maintained
  • Monitor job cost by managing the utilization of resources with Project Manager.
  • Review and inventory of equipment, supplies, and shipments as needed.
  • Manage and oversee construction crews with personnel and applicable paperwork.
  • Assist Project Manager in the development of daily and weekly work schedule.
  • Ensure all subcontractors and purchase orders are maintained, managed and aligned with each project.
  • Document completion of scope or work via construction documents. (Additionally, review project specifications).
  • Meet with project stakeholders on a daily basis; this may include but not limited to pre-construction meeting, inspections, and subcontractors’ meetings.
  • Provide team management, training, and evaluation responsibilities with contributions from Project Manager.
  • All other responsibilities as assigned.

Construction Duties

  • Ensure ongoing quality control on each work site.
  • Maintain a jobsite presence to ensure all efficiency and compliance.
  • Coordinate and chair scheduled safety meetings.
  • Plan and review staging areas, locations, layouts, equipment and manpower as needed.
  • Ensure safety of each employee by verifying and cooperating with company and safety standards and representatives.
  • All other responsibilities as assigned.


  • Maintain effective and fluid communication with all stakeholders involved in each project.
  • .Work with crews by training and developing through hands-on experiences at work sites.
  • Ensure equipment records and maintenance schedule are sustained.
  • Assist Project Manager with contract drawings, specifications, and addenda for all site developments.
  • All other responsibilities as assigned.


  • 2-5 years of commercial landscape construction experience
  • Must have a strong knowledge of construction industry.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Applicant must have a mode of transportation, valid driver license, and clean driving record.
  • Attention to detail and project overview.
  • Commitment to teamwork and team building
  • Ability to speak multiple languages, English and Spanish, preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal, written, and listening
  • Effective time management, organization, and prioritization skills.
  • Make it happen mentality

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